Our Story

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm & hard Work. The undisputable truth indeed.It all started in early 1980s, when this enthusiast decided to be a part of an army clan. But, due to some unforeseen circumstances, he had to alter the plan. He hailed from Rajasthan and came down to Ichalkaranji after fruitlessly trying his fortune in Belgaon and Mumbai with an indomitable vision and courage to create a mark. Destiny played its own game and this play was here to wait. He has walked the toughest of the paths besides sleeping on the footpaths! All that remained constant was –“HIS ZEST TO MAKE A CHANGE.”

This exemplary man who was carving his own niche is none other than – Mr. Rambabu Ramraj Sharma, the founder of ‘OLD MUMBAI ICE-CREAM’.

“An idea can make your life.” Yes! It does. The idea of making an ice cream was out of his inherent desire to spread happiness. As‘ Ice cream’ which is a layman term now, used to be one of the sparse dessert at that point in time. With his basics clear on how to make an ice cream, owing to the time he spent in Mumbai , he started selling Mava and Gulkandh ice creams, barefooted, under scorching heat of sun and people started relishing the hawker’s delight being the new craze in town.

And the story of sweat, blood and tears began scripting as an entrepreneur was in the making. From a ₹5/- per day rent for that Ice-cream cart to Crores of turnover completely defines ‘ No dream is too big to achieve’!

As the years rolled down, Kulfi, ice creams and fruit shakes became the feathers in his cap. In the year 1998, there was a transformation of this vendor to a reputed shop owner. There was no stopping thereon. He then started spreading his wings to other cities. His first outlet outside Ichalkaranji resided in Kolhapur. Mr.Uday Walvekar has been the unknown catalystic force behind Old Mumbai’s expansion throughout. He then multiplied into a few outlets in the districts whereabouts. ‘Variety is the spice and adds life to the business,’ so, new delicious flavours along with swanky store kick started in 2015. An Ice-Cream parlour’s realization into an Ice-Cream Brand, was all 2015 about!

He kept his sleeves rolled up along with his sons and commenced with lending franchise to the interested herd. As on date, there are 25+ stores operational and bagging huge success under their brand. In the interest of the franchise buyers, a new concept of “OLD MUMBAI FOODS”, dealing in healthier consumer products like honey, flex seeds, amla and much more, evolved in the year 2017. Old Mumbai Ice-Cream is marching towards a Nation-recognised brand.

To nip the story in bud, it’s the story of happiness served after dejection. It’s the story of success knocking the doorstep after umpteen rejections. It’s the story of a man who couldn’t afford a Comb for his hair to the millionaire empire erected for his Heirs !

It’s about Sweat, Blood & Respect. Because of shedding sweat and blood,he has been able to earn this immense respect.

It has its history and is still history in the making!